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Record Personalized Messages To Your Fans

In a previous blog post we talked about the powerful insights that both Pandora and Spotify offer to artists. In this blog post we are going to dig into another great marketing tool that Pandora recently rolled out.

Pandora's AMPcast is an easy (and free!) way to record short audio messages that are broadcast to your fans as they listen to your music on Pandora. Use it to alert your fans of upcoming shows, new songs, ticket giveaways, or just as a unique way to share personal messages directly with your fans.

Below are the few quick steps to get you set up and using AMPcast.

1) Get Your Music on Pandora

In order to use Pandora's AMPcast you must first submit your music for inclusion on Pandora's stations. In the past this was strictly submission based, and Pandora curated the artists that they deemed worthy of having music on their stations. However, we've been told that you can now go through a distributor (such as CD Baby) to get your music included.

To submit your music visit

2) Claim Your Artist

Once your music is on Pandora you can claim your artist profile which gives you access to Pandora's AMP (Artist Marketing Platform) account. All you need is your Twitter log-in to verify. If you don't have a Twitter account (why not?), you can still claim your artist by filling out a form. This just takes a bit longer.

Claim your artist account at

3) Log In To AMPcast

Once your claim has been approved, you’ll immediately be eligible to access AMPcast via the mobile Pandora app or desktop at AMPcast enables artists to create and publish audio messages to play to your fans on Pandora and easily view your message performance metrics.


Download Pandora for iPhone

Download Pandora for Android 

4) Record a Personal Message To Your Fans

After logging in to your AMP account, just select your artist from the menu screen. From there you'll be able to easily record a short 15 second message to your fans. Use this to announce tour dates, a new show in town, or a new song. Be creative! Use it to tell the story about a specific song and place the message before that song. Geo-target your message to certain cities, and include links to your tour dates, merch, new video, and more!

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Have any questions or success stories about using Pandora's AMPcast? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page.